A Guide To American Football

Here in Washington, DC, it is currently 16 degrees. The Midwest and the Atlantic coast have been dealing with really spectacularly cold weather over the past month or so, after the polar vortex was followed by the bombogenesis followed by whatever the silly name is for how painfully cold it is today. I mention all of this weather nonsense not because I’m workshopping my old timey farmer one man show at the improv theater later this week, but because the Super Bowl is going to be played NORTH of Washington, in the open-to-the-elements New Meadowlands (or as Nate Jackson would correctly note: [insert corporate logo]) Stadium, in East Rutherford, NJ. It is 18 degrees up in New Jersey right now.

I’m sure the weather will continue to be an interesting storyline leading up to the Super Bowl, but rather than going further down the rabbit hole of hyperventilating sports minutia I wanted to instead direct attention to this fantastic video by British animator Fraser Davidson. Its a three minute overview of “American football” and I guarantee it’ll make you more excited for the Super Bowl than any 10,000 word Bill Barnwell statstanza (statistics + bonanza = statstanza) could. Stay warm!

If your interest was piqued by the mention that one team in the NFL is named for an “antiquated racial slur,” check out our deep dive article into the Redskins’ name controversy.

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