Killer Drum Cover of Green Day’s Basket Case

Kristina Schiano is a 22 year old drummer who just rules and in this video she covers a song that is older than she is. It’s such a trip thinking that, in 2018, we’re as far away from Green Day’s album Dookie coming out in 1994 as I was as a teenager in the mid 90s looking back at all those Led Zepplin albums with the runes and the naked kids and the paintings of dudes with packs of sticks strapped to their backs. Classic rock, man.

Check out more of her stuff on YouTube.

About the Author: Gus Caravalho is the editor of ALTTAB Radio.
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NFL Tries To Sweep Consequences From Kaepernick Blackballing Under Raiders Rug

Kaepernick, center, knelt during the anthem with linebacker Eli Harold, left, and safety Eric Reid before a game in October against Dallas. Credit John G Mabanglo/European Pressphoto Agency

Absent real news in the lead up to Super Bowl LII next weekend– unless you’re interested in asteroids not hitting the Earth, event run downs at the Mall of America, or nostalgic meta-analyses where the media covers the media covering the Super Bowl– rumors are now going around that the NFL is pressuring the Oakland Raiders to sign Colin Kaepernick, under the cynical logic that this would somehow absolve both the League and the Raiders from being held responsible for their complicity in blackballing Kaepernick during the 2017 season and for their clear failure to adhere to the Rooney Rule during their head coach recruiting process that ended (or really, began) with their signing Jon Gruden to an absurd 10 year, $100 million contract a few weeks ago, respectively.

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The Glorious Art Of Hennessy Youngman

Hennessy Youngman was a character played by Jayson Musson on the internet from 2010 to 2012. In his video series “ART THOUGHTZ,” Hennessy gave advice to aspiring artists trying to make it in the big time NYC art biz. In the process, he also took down the fine / prestige art world a little bit, which I appreciate as someone who could never quite “get it” back when I was in school.

“Buddy Cop.” I die.

About the Author: Gus Caravalho is the editor of ALTTAB Radio.
Hit him up at / @guscaravalho / @alttabradio.

Make It Sounds Like It Does On The Album, No Tricks


Back in 1998, comedian David Spade, the guy who is not Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, cut a fantastic HBO stand up special called “Take The Hit.” Fast forward to 2016 and, of course, it’s up on youtube for free, under the title “David Spade Full Stand Up Comedy.” In the special, Spade mentions his distaste for bands changing their songs from their recorded versions during live performances. It’s a great bit and you should check out his whole special. And paradoxically, I am always reminded of it when I hear bands that sound exactly like their records live.

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Pec’s Prospects Picks

Pecs prospects picks v2

Back in August last year, an email showed up in the ALTTAB Radio general media contacts account:

Gentlemen-I am sorry that this email is unsolicited. I am a National Football League retired player and I am interested in opportunities you may have for Tv,radio,internet, satellite work in the sports area, specifically football. Contact back with information about dates and locations.

-Pec Thompson Jr.

Pec Thompson Jr? We had no idea who that was. And Google wasn’t being especially forthcoming either. Finally after more than half an hour of deep internets, Dano, the hardest working fake sportswriter in the business, cracked the case.

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27 Ways To Be The Modern Man’s Modern Man, Man


Last week, the august New York Times published an oddly Buzzfeedian piece titled “27 Ways To Be A Modern Man.” The piece ran with a straight face, in the Men’s Style section under the “Self Help” tag, despite its content…not…making any sense? Among the 27 ways were plainly contradictory aphorisms, such as commanding the Modern Man to be both a stoic block of wood and sniffling shudder of sensitivity. There were odd brand plugs for Dr. Pepper and Irish Spring as well as a bizarre exhortation to own all of director Michael Mann’s film on Blu Ray.

The internet had no idea what to make of it. The Daily Caller, hearty dollop of cant-infused sour crème fraîche, worried about the STATE OF MASCULINITY. The National Review (of all places) had a pretty great call and response takedown. The San Fransico Chronicle took it a step further with their own regional, super on the nose, “27 Ways To Be A Modern San Francisco Man.” (Sample: 11. Crying isn’t taboo for the modern S.F. man: He’ll gush infinite public tears when he finds out the guy he wrote off at the incubator got more startup funding than he did.)

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Why Is The Iron Bowl Called The Iron Bowl?


Alabama football wasn’t all that much to write home about during the 90s and 00s when I was learning the college football landscape (vacating Don Shula’s son’s smattering of wins is but only so interesting) and Auburn, outside of the ridiculous 2004 season where 5 ½ teams finished the season undefeated, might have even been a little worse, only being bowl-eligible three times from 1991 to 1999. But since Saint Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa in 2007 it has been a decidedly different story, with Alabama going for double digit wins every year since and locking up three national championships and Auburn, after limping on from the Tommy Tuberville era in 2008, having a more uneven time, but one punctuated with two national championship game appearances, coming away with one win and one loss. Oh, and in 2013 this happened:

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How The Video For “Your Love” By The Outfield Predicted The Future

The video for The Outfield’s “Your Love”, off 1985’s “Play Deep”, is a little extra, as the kids say. From the blind, trench coated keyboardist being led around by his shoulder, to the twin blonde-mulleted guitarists, to the finger painting woman inexplicably using a music video set as a studio space, to the rather unfortunate looking lead singer with the Lawrence Taylor dangling cross earring– playing that second most 80s of musical instruments (behind the keytar), the headless bass– “Your Love” is high 80s pop art. It is also a prescient piece of futurism.

Consider first that it’s a music video…of a music video! They may not have known it at the time, but these were the crude first proto-hipster attempts at being winkingly meta while shoving everything up its own ass. Then pay special attention to around the 1:40 mark, when one of the blonde mullets walks over to the finger painting girl–mid guitar solo, mind you– just to see what she’s up to. “Oh me? Just finger paintin’.” He winks at her in a way that we’d now call mildly rapey but at the time was probably considered fucking radical. She doesn’t like his attention though… until she does, transitioning fluidly from shaking her head in disapproval to giggling with a coy smile.

The Outfield predicted not only hipsters, but the MRA movement.


All this for a song about some guy trying to go to pound town with some girl while his girlfriend is on vacation.

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