How The Video For “Your Love” By The Outfield Predicted The Future

The video for The Outfield’s “Your Love”, off 1985’s “Play Deep”, is a little extra, as the kids say. From the blind, trench coated keyboardist being led around by his shoulder, to the twin blonde-mulleted guitarists, to the finger painting woman inexplicably using a music video set as a studio space, to the rather unfortunate looking lead singer with the Lawrence Taylor dangling cross earring– playing that second most 80s of musical instruments (behind the keytar), the headless bass– “Your Love” is high 80s pop art. It is also a prescient piece of futurism.

Consider first that it’s a music video…of a music video! They may not have known it at the time, but these were the crude first proto-hipster attempts at being winkingly meta while shoving everything up its own ass. Then pay special attention to around the 1:40 mark, when one of the blonde mullets walks over to the finger painting girl–mid guitar solo, mind you– just to see what she’s up to. “Oh me? Just finger paintin’.” He winks at her in a way that we’d now call mildly rapey but at the time was probably considered fucking radical. She doesn’t like his attention though… until she does, transitioning fluidly from shaking her head in disapproval to giggling with a coy smile.

The Outfield predicted not only hipsters, but the MRA movement.


All this for a song about some guy trying to go to pound town with some girl while his girlfriend is on vacation.

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