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Back in August last year, an email showed up in the ALTTAB Radio general media contacts account:

Gentlemen-I am sorry that this email is unsolicited. I am a National Football League retired player and I am interested in opportunities you may have for Tv,radio,internet, satellite work in the sports area, specifically football. Contact back with information about dates and locations.

-Pec Thompson Jr.

Pec Thompson Jr? We had no idea who that was. And Google wasn’t being especially forthcoming either. Finally after more than half an hour of deep internets, Dano, the hardest working fake sportswriter in the business, cracked the case.

Clay “Pec” Thompson Jr.

Former wide receiver with the Cleveland Browns for two years in the early 90s. Former front desk supervisor at the Days Inn Idaho Falls. Current strength coach for the Supamattock High Fightin’ Gophers football team. And now, apparently, future football talking head.

Why was he emailing us?! We had to know! I banged out a response and eagerly awaited his reply. But then, nothing. For days. Finally eight days later we got this, again in the general media contacts account and not in reply to the email I’d sent back:

ALTTAB is a fine organization. Professional and strong/smart. Could it be stronger? YES. Could it be smarter? YES. With a video show about football, many people would think ALTTAB is knowledgeable about football and the National Football League. This sport is the best and not Will Smith. Contact Pec Thompson Jr. with interest regarding production of TV show on football, also other football topics ex:college football.

-Pec Thompson Jr.

WHAT?! What was eeriest about this whole situation was how closely it resembled the very early stages of what became Dano’s incredible book about Mad Hatter Coetzee. The bizarre emails coming from out of nowhere. Our inability to contact the people who were sending them. But where that story kept getting deeper and more twisted with each additional fact, this whole Pec Thompson thing ended up being strangely above board. We responded to that second email and within five minutes we were on the phone with Mr. Thompson himself.

It turns out Dano had ID’d the right guy. Pec was indeed currently strength coaching and looking for a television football punditry gig. We told him that we run a free website and podcast– kind of the opposite of TV. He didn’t care. Apparently he’d gotten our media email off the publisher’s page of one of Dano’s books that were left in a box outside of Larry’s Bookimporium. He wanted us to help him.

How could we not?

Jump forward to December 2015 and we produced a pilot episode and promo reel for the show Pec is interested in doing: Pec’s Prospects Picks. It’s like Gruden’s Quarterback Camp but for other positions. Pec ended up being damn good on camera. Also, that guy has lived a pretty incredible life. He seems to think the best anecdote he has is his brief friendship with Bernie Kozar while he played in Cleveland, but he has so many way, way better stories.

Anyway, check out Pec’s Prospects Picks below. He’s currently at Sundance trying to sell the show. We told him that was for movies, but he didn’t care. “This show moves me,” he told us, “So it’ll move them.”

If that’s good enough for him, its good enough for us.

Pec’s Prospects Picks Promo Reel

Pec’s Prospects Picks Pilot Episode – Julius Joseph


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