The Best National Anthem You’ve Heard

Marlana VanHoose is a 16 year old girl who can sing the hell out of the Star Spangled Banner. I’ve only just now been made aware of her, because the internet is mysterious with its gifts sometimes. At any rate, watch this video of her bringing the house down before a Kentucky women’s basketball game back in February:

She even goes for, and nails, the high notes during “…land of the free”. Amazing. And unfortunately for the rest of the country, she is a UK fan, so this sort of this will will only happen for them:

That is just the best. Originally, I was also going to make a big deal about the fact that she is blind, but as I watched the video again, I decided that fact doesn’t matter. This isn’t a “blind person crushes national anthem” story. Its a “watch this girl crush the national anthem” story. I have to watch it again. Why wasn’t Marlana given a trip to the Final Four, Capital One?