ALTTAB Radio – July 17, 2016

Warriors season tickets … Sacramento land use … DC neighborhoods … Kevin Durant is the best toilet salesman in the Tri-State area … the shame of Nick Young being on the Lakers … Derek Jeter and Tom Brady’s boring friends … the Heat screw D Wade … LET’S TALK ABOUT THE NEW INDEPENDENCE DAY MOVIE … boycott the Olympics if you’re not about modern slavery …

ALTTAB Radio – December 13, 2015

The Philadelphia 76ers may be moving on from The Process, which, from the outside, appeared to be expending a lot of circular front office energy to lose games and pray for draft picks. May be. Although Jerry Colangelo is officially in as chairman of basketball operations, everyone has been quick to say that Sam Hinkie remains in charge as the general manager. Why? What possible reason could there be?!