ALTTAB Radio Podcast – March 11, 2012

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In this week’s episode:

The Saints bounty issues are getting serious.
The Colts release Peyton Manning
Ricky Rubio tears his ACL
Gerald Green. Again. Go watch that again.
Is Sydney Crosby’s brain a peach?
Mark Cuban gets offensive
Do the ever-clearer physical risks associated with football, both intrinsic to the game and intrinsic to Gregg Williams, spell long-term trouble for a sport competing for athletic talent with basketball, baseball, and other equally lucrative and less physically punishing sports? Could football go the way of boxing?
DotW: ESPN football talking heads who defend Gregg Williams out of one side of their mouths while pleading for better long term health care for retired players with early-onset dementia with the other
Mr. Pancakes: Northwestern Wildcats, who returned to form an kept the streak alive
Burrito: Paul Brothers, coach of Willamette High School’s (Oregon) girls basketball team, who threw out an old school four corners offense, which resulted in a 16-7 snoozefest of a loss in the state championship

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