Bring 2K Chili Dip To Your Super Bowl Party

Back in the late 90s, when the jeans were giant and the belts were woven and the tips were frosted, Sega put out a now all-but-forgotten video game console, the Dreamcast. Spaceship controller, Tamagotchi memory cards, easily pirated game discs– it was at the center of so many of my late night teenage brodowns. And with apologies to Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Ready2Rumble, there was one game that stood out above the rest, the one always spinning at the end of those nights: NBA 2K.

Oh man, those graphics. In a world of NBA Hangtimes and NBA Live 2000s that still looked like incremental evolutions of their NBA Jam and Double Dribble ancestors, 2K was a revelation. Check out this GameSpot review from 1999: “Visually, NBA 2K is the most dazzling and realistic-looking basketball game ever…playing NBA 2K will just about ruin you for all other basketball games.” And it was true. I mean, look at Charles Barkley’s shoulders!

It was during one of those marathon Dreamcast sessions that I first created 2K Chili Dip. No frills, no extraneous ingredients, just delicious. It became a demanded part of all future 2K tournaments– as important as Sprite and gone twice as fast. Since then, I’ve had many other dips, chili and otherwise. And to me, you can simmer your farm-to-table ingredients as long as you want, you can buy some fancy cheese from the expensive grocery store, you can go rogue with a spinach dip fated to grow furry white mold in its tupperware in the back of your fridge, you are just never going to improve on 2K Chili Dip. Especially if you’re in a brodown situation– like, say, a Super Bowl party– 2K Chili Dip will put that hummus back where it belongs. In the fridge.


1 can Hormel Chili – No Beans

1 ½ inches Velveeta Original Cheese Product

Some number of Mission Tortilla Strips


Open can of Hormel Chili. If you have a can with a pull tab, use that. Otherwise, use a can opener. Empty can into the one saucepan you own. Place the saucepan on the range over high heat. While it’s heating up, use the one real knife you own to cut one and a half inches off the Velveeta loaf in half inch slices. Take each slice and cut it into small cubes before tossing it into the saucepan. At this point, the edges of the chili should be bubbling– when this happens turn the heat down to medium and begin stirring the chili using the one wooden spoon you own. Continue stirring as the Velveeta melts into the chili. Once all Velveeta cubes have been melted away, turn off the range. Pour chili dip into a bowl. Eat with tortilla chips.

super bowl chili dip

All 2k Chili Dip photos are by Sarah Matista. See more from Sarah here.

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