Bring 2K Chili Dip To Your Super Bowl Party

Back in the late 90s, when the jeans were giant and the belts were woven and the tips were frosted, Sega put out a now all-but-forgotten video game console, the Dreamcast. Spaceship controller, Tamagotchi memory cards, easily pirated game discs– it was at the center of so many of my late night teenage brodowns. And with apologies to Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Ready2Rumble, there was one game that stood out above the rest, the one always spinning at the end of those nights: NBA 2K.

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On The 125th Anniversary Of The Overthrow Of The Kingdom of Hawai’i By The United States

Everyone’s talking about Hawai’i this week because, um, some guy selected the wrong option in a drop down menu and activated the state’s early warning system, sending the insane text above to the unwitting populace. Eventually the state government figured out what they’d done and–38 minutes later– remembered to text everyone back that the “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT” text was sent in error. Much lulz ensued. And this got me thinking: is this the most fucked up thing the US government has ever done to the Hawaiian islands? I would argue it is not!

This Wednesday, January 17, 2018, is the 125th anniversary of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai’i by the United States of America. So to mark the occasion, here is a quick rundown of the parallel histories of the Kingdom of Hawai’i and the United States, from their foundings in the late 1700s to their decades of prosperous diplomatic coexistence and economic collaboration to the American-supported coup against the Kingdom that deposed the rightful ruler of the islands, Queen Liliʻuokalani. Let’s go!

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