Series: How To Fix Baseball

And seemingly out of nowhere, its October. It’s cold and it’s raining and, oh yeah, it’s time for baseball playoffs (well, for some people, not poor Bryce up there)! Now it shouldn’t surprise anyone that for us here at ALTTAB, baseball flies pretty low under the radar, occupying about the same level of interest as MMA, or soccer, or upsetting documentaries on Netflix (reminder: finally watch that sad Free Willy one). There are a lot of reasons for this (somewhat paradoxical reasons, given how fun it is to actually go to a game live, especially here in DC at Nats Stadium) but the reality remains: baseball…doesn’t really hold our interest.

But this doesn’t have to be the case! Baseball doesn’t have to stay the same; its actually changed a lot since the old-timey days:

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If You Have Ornithophobia, Maybe Don’t Pursue Your NFL Dreams

bird attack

On the podcast, we discussed a very important analysis of NFL, NBA, and MLB team names I did as a weird tangent of our ranking of the worst phobias for athletes to have. Turns out, with the Cardinals, Ravens, Seahawks, Falcons, and Eagles comprising 16 percent of the league, ornithophobes (people who are terrified of birds) would do much better attempting to ply their trades in the MLB (where avian teams account for 10 percent of the league) or even better, in the NBA (where it’s only seven percent– just the Hawks and Pelicans).

Obviously there is a spreadsheet attached to this, so here it is, in case you want to play around.

Click this link: Sports team nicknames

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ALTTAB Radio Podcast – September 2, 2013

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This podcast marks our first official Coast 2 Coast Conference (brought to you by Cisco Systems and Reynolds Wrap brand Tin Foil) with ALTTAB contributor Jake James. You wanted baseball coverage? We’ve got your baseball coverage. Check out Jake’s piece making a case for baseball and then dive on in.

About the Author: Gus Caravalho is the editor of ALTTAB Radio, a blog and podcast about sports. Go Lakers/Chargers/Tar Heels. Boo dook/olives/Mario Chalmers. Get more from Gus on ALTTAB Radio and Google+.