Fist Bump Kid, The Boston Bruins, and Your Broken Heart

Amid the cant and spit of the midterms last tuesday, the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Panthers got together to play a little hockey. And while the Bruins ended up losing 2-1, in a larger sense they won– in life, that is. Eight year old Liam Fitzgerald, a little boy with Down syndrome who has also survived pediatric cancer, was sitting beside the tunnel from the ice to the locker room as the Bruins were wrapping up their pre-game warm up. Clad head to toe in yellow and black (those elbow patches! that hat!) Liam took the opportunity to give dap to the players as they headed off the ice. The result was the climax of a Lifetime movie:

The Bruins players have rightly been on the receiving end of the collective rainbow vomiting of the internet– Katie Nolan went so far as to say Fist Bump Kid is making the fist bump cool again. Aside from that video of a piglet jumping through the grass, this may wind up the cutest video of 2014. Keep it up, Fist Bump Kid!

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