Stephen A. and Skip Bayless Make Everything No Fun

Watch this video of Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless argue over whether or not the addition of Dwight Howard makes the Lakers the team to beat in the West.

AHHHH!!! I AM SO ANGRY!!!! This video, this pretend we are friends haha back and forth bullshit between Stephen A. and Skip, causes me physical pain and aunguish. Even the host’s “OMG you guys are so funny I’m getting an ab workout” shtick makes me roll my eyes so hard I think I’ve severed my optic nerves.
The banter and comraderie between these two is so contrived, so forced, that it is literally impossible for me to watch this all the way through. They are even talking about my favorite topic in sports right now, the Lakers trading for Dwight Howard, and I still cannot sit through its entirety.

Holy shit, these guys are awful.

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